ATHMER OHG, Arnsberg-Müschede / Germany

ATHMER are manufacturers of a comprehensive product range. In addition to the automatic door seals for acoustic-, smoke- and fire-protection doors. ATHMER offers seals for radiation protection, glass doors and doors with extreme gaps of up to 50mm. The program also includes screed separations, thresholds, brush seals, frame seals and finger protection systems.

ATHMER automatic door seals are suitable for various applications.
Radiation protection doors Wheelchair access Water ingress / egress
Acoustic doors Fire protection doors Temperature control

Smoke protection doors

As international market leader from the start, all the solutions are pioneering solutions. ATHMER cooperates closely with door manufacturers, technical colleges and testing institutes
  • Aachen Hospital Complex, Aachen, Germany
  • German Federal Parliament, Berlin, Germany
  • Administration Buildings of Daimler-Benz, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Federal Chancellor’s Office, Berlin, Germany
  • Burj-Al-Arab, Dubai, UAE