Wendelin Luetticke
Personal Experience  
28 years wide experience in international projects
Project Management including time and progress management
Consulting and strategy planning for cargo handling, warehouse automation and logistics
° Set-up of operational procedures
» 21 years experience in the field of sales, marketing, import & export
» 7 years of presence in the Middle East
» Intercultural competence with clients, suppliers, contractors and staff
Managing Director for several companies
  Personal Project Experience
  • Department of Civil Aviation of Dubai, Jebel Ali Airport
  • Emirates In-Flight Catering, Dubai Int’l Airport
  • Dubai Flower Centre, Dubai Int’l Airport
  • CST (Brazil) Steelworks, Vitoria, Brasil
  • Evergreen Airport Cargo Terminal, CKS Int’l Airport, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Singapore Air Terminal Services (SATS), Changi Int’l Airport, Singapore
  • AAT Cargo Terminal, CLK Int’l Airport, Hong Kong
  • Cathay Pacific Airlines, CLK Int’l Airport, Hong Kong
  • University Technology of Malaysia, Johor, Malaysia
  • PT Pal Ship Works, Surabaya, Indonesia
  • Everter Cargo and Warehouse Centre, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Hyundai Ulsan, Korea
  • Ford Dagenham, England
  • Ford Valencia, Spain
  • Volkswagen, Brussels, Belgium
  • Terranova Vienna, Austria